6 -24 Week Training Series

One session per week. Each Session is one-hour. The introduction is thoroughly explained first week of class. Each session is about an hour and forty-five minutes due to the study's introduction and acknowledgement. Week one course is explained in detail.  We highly suggest that participants practice the exercise for the entire week, daily without fail..

(Important Note) It is imperative the participant find time to perform their execises daily in order to assure maximizing  the training. This isn't about force, but rather the participants level of desire in terms of achieving their goals and how serious they are about becoming successful. You can lead a horse to water but can't force it to drink. The participant must enthusiastic and motivated enough to complete the training. 

What Can Participants can expect to learn: How to maximize your potential and become the most magnificent version of yourself. We have all been taught throughout of lives to believe, have faith, be confident. I have heard early in life; "If you don't have faith, its impossible to please God." The almighty deligma is only 3% of the world's population learned or somehow discovered how to believe in something, how to have faith to achieve, how to develop confidence from within and take full advantage of their power of thinking and thought processes that enables one to accomplish the unbelievable. The participant realize there truly are no limts 

MindCore Performance Workshop 2020